The Difficulty of Translating Medical Care for Immigrant Parents

A piece about the difficulties, complexities, and responsibilities for children of immigrants who translate medical care for their parents.

SAD & Sexualized: The Renaissance of the ABG

A piece examining the “Subtle Asian Dating” Facebook page and the term “Asian Baby Girl.”

“How Students with Criminal Records Get Into Penn: Stuck in the Box”

A piece scrutinizing “the Box,” a self-disclosure system of criminal records used during The Common Application.

“Penn 10: Krisna Maddy”

A profile on Penn student, Krisna Maddy, as part of the “Penn 10” profiles, which functioned as the campus version of Forbes’ “30 under 30.”

“A Night of Mystery Shopping”

Part personal essay, part reported essay about what exactly being a “mystery shopper” entails.

The No-B.S. Guide to the 2019 Primary Election

A guide to the 2019 Philadelphia primary election candidates

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