“Writing Fan Fiction Gave Me Community and Creative Freedom”

An essay about finding a writing community (and freedom from perfectionism) online

“Mulan: Badass Warrior or Devoted Daughter?”

An essay about the irony and appropriation of China’s woman warrior

“My Dad Is Chronically Ill & It Makes Dating Complicated”

An essay about navigating dating and grieving.

“Lonely in the City”

An essay about learning to love a patient, as a patient.

Second place winner for the University of Pennsylvania Gibson Peacock Creative Nonfiction Prize.

“Proactive Mourning”

An essay about the intersections of art and mourning and my experiences working on a podcast exploring grief.

“Maybe Being a Starving Artist Wasn’t So Sexy After All”

An op-ed about growing up and the age-old question of passion versus pension. Do we really have to make a choice so rapidly?


An essay examining chronic illness and body image

“Pavlov’s People”

An essay on caregiving and parenting

“Becoming a Member of the Sick Parents Society”

An essay about my experience apprenticing for a podcast that explores the nuances of parental loss, while having a sick parent myself.

“On Gratitude and Grieving”

An essay about lessons learned on the eve of a remission and recovery.

“The ‘What If’ Conundrum: Leaving that Mentality behind at Graduation”

A senior column saying goodbye to all that (and undergrad)

“Eulogy for the Living”

An essay about a father’s diagnosis and a daughter’s regret

Second place winner in the Columbia Gold Circle Awards for “First person experience”

“Finding Love in the Community After Loss”

An essay examining the different kinds of love we let into our lives after loss.

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